Attending a Reiki course is an ‘amazing experience’ and this phrase is one of the best reviews I regularly hear after a Reiki weekend with me.

I like to put people at ease very quickly and I offer refreshments as soon as they arrive. I have a natural ability to get people talking so by the time the course begins, everyone is relaxed and ready to embrace Reiki.

The atmosphere will be charged with Reiki energy, candles will be lit, beautiful music played in the background and oils or incense will be burning to create a positive and peaceful ambience and a very real ‘feel-good’ moment !

I like to create a space that feels safe, warm and glowing with goodwill and a spiritual environment.

I always begin with a Grounding Meditation, just to keep people’s feet on the floor and help them understand the concept of ‘living in the moment’! It assists them to leave the stressful world outside of the space created ensuring less interference from their busy minds. Meditations are key to the course and usually written so that everyone, from beginners onward can follow and enjoy the journey. Time is always given for each person, if they wish, to reflect on what the meditation offered them in terms of self-discovery, renewed belief etc. Each student will have a small journal they can write down their reflections during the course of the two days.

Throughout the two days the students will be taught what Reiki is, it’s history, how it can be used, how it’s transferred and then given time to practice all the techniques. Students will experience the all important attunements, the method by which Reiki is transferred from Master to Student, again lots of time is given for reflection after the attunements as they give birth to a very powerful process for spiritual growth and clearing. Each student is considered unique and individual and I always take time to ensure they are treated as such.

Although Reiki is to be taken seriously I always make sure my students have fun too. During the intervals there is laughter and sharing because Reiki makes you feel so much more positive about everything. It may be considered an intelligent energy but it has its sense of humour too ! Choosing Angels cards during the breaks is always enjoyed and encouraged, they always appear to tell you what you really need to know at that moment and I love including the Angels in my Reiki Weekends.

At the end of the course everyone is given their Manual and Certificate which is a great end to the two days and a wonderful affirmation that they go away with a beautiful gift of healing they can use on family, friends and even their pets.

Reiki Workshops are conducted by Lynne Mackenzie and are held in Worcester.

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