Reiki can at times produce instant results where complete healing takes place almost immediately. I have witnessed this many times.

With some healings the treatment takes longer and can be attributed to many reasons. For instance where the client carries excessive negativity or fear through whatever they are currently experiencing in their life or having unsuccessfully tried to manage some deep-seated emotional pain that has ultimately depleted the flow of their life-force energy (Chi).

With time and patience this kind of depletion can be cleared with Reiki energy as it gradually restores the life force energy to its natural flow. When this depletion has been restored then good health, optimism and choices come back into their life.

I had a call one day from a friend who actually asked if I knew a Reflexologist he could see for his lower back and leg pain. I did of course, but I convinced him to try Reiki! At first he wasn’t keen, he was definitely sceptical but I eventually persuaded him to come for treatment.

After discussing the symptoms and the troubling effects they were causing him, we began the Reiki treatment. He relaxed very quickly and soon fell into a peaceful state of sleep. When the treatment was over he told me how surprised and pleased he was with the whole treatment. He talked of the heat from my hands, the tingling sensations he felt flowing through his body and the overall feeling of deep relaxation. He was amazed he’d actually fallen asleep.

After a few weeks we met again at a function a friend was holding and he gave me the most amazing feed-back. From the moment he had Reiki the pain in his lower back and legs had gone and where up until that moment he couldn’t stand for very many minutes without pain, he could now stand easily. In fact I had lots of people coming up to me all night very interested to know more about Reiki !

A colleague I used to work with was a keen runner but an injury to his leg prevented him from running for weeks which really upset him. He knew that I was a Reiki Therapist and having tried the conventional route of massage and pain killers decided to give Reiki a try.

After one session he walked out without any further pain and so appreciative and astounded by Reiki decided to learn Reiki himself and went on to become a Reiki Master.

Many years ago a young lady came to me for help as she suffered with manic depression for years. Of course she was also treated by conventional medicine but we always stress with Reiki that its wonderful energy can work alongside any form of healing, conventional or otherwise.

My client felt that her condition could be improved more and wanted to try a natural form of energy healing and chose Reiki. This was by no means an over-night success but with perseverance Reiki helped her to live life with much more optimism. From the very first session she felt a change within herself, albeit tiny at that point but that small change began to grow until she felt her life was once again worthwhile. Her whole appearance changed, the way she wore her hair and even the colour, she began to wear bright colourful clothes instead of the usual black.

She attributed much of her recovery to Reiki and also trained in Reiki up to Level 11. It changed her life.

I could list hundreds of people who have come for Reiki to help alleviate and manage their stress. I’m pleased to say that Reiki successfully helped the majority of those people to live their lives in a much more balanced, harmonious and peaceful way.

Reiki can bring more joy and peace into your life than you can ever imagine


Lynne Mackenzie is a qualified Usui / Tibetan Reiki Master and has taught Reiki for over 11 years (a member of the UK Reiki Federation)