Angel Card workshops, Worcester - how to read Angel cards for yourself and others.
Angel Card Readings

Angel Card Readings encourage you to feel the best about yourself. You will be gently guided to resolve any problem for your highest good. Angels will surround you with love and guidance giving support and gentle direction for any problem or difficult situation. All you have to do is ask and your Angels will be instantly channelled. I will connect with your Guardian Angel during the reading to gather further information.

Angels bring light to the heaviest tasks and darkest situations……..
With the help of our Angels you will draw cards that will resonate closely with your current situation, emotions and thoughts. The Angels are waiting to help you and through the cards they will assist in your direction and you will receive clear and accurate guidance.

Angels can find solutions that we would never think possible (From Angel Inspiration – Diana Cooper)

Angels are waiting to help…….
Angels respond with great love when we ask for help.

You can ask any question you wish about any life area, whether health, love, career or wealth, they want you to reach the best possible solution.

What is your life’s purpose?
Which Angels are working with you now?
What do the Angels want you to know?
You can also ask on behalf of another person.

When we send loving thoughts to others, we create bridges of light for Angels to walk along.
(from Angel Inspiration, Diana Cooper)

Angels give us inspiration to change our lives….
When you relax into their divine guidance, your life will flow.

Together, humans and Angels have the power to change the world.
(from Angel Inspiration, Diana Cooper)

If you would like an Angel Card Reading, please see details on my contact page and either email or call me for further information.

Angel Card workshops, in Worcester - discover how to read Angel cards for yourself and others.

Alternatively you may wish to host an Angel Card Reading party for your friends and receive a FREE Angel Reading for yourself.

Light and Blessings to you all.