The word Angel is derived from the Greek word ‘angelos’ which means ‘Messenger’ and are therefore sometimes described as ‘Messengers of God’, they come as protectors, helpers and guides for all of Creation.

Reiki Angel
Angels are high spiritual beings and the Angel world truly exists around us and within us no matter where we are. Their function is to guide, protect and encourage us on a path that serves only our highest good. They carry only love and light. By spiritual law they are not allowed to interfere with our lives unless requested as this would take away our free will, but in times of need we only have to ask for help and these angelic beings will come instantly to our side taking great joy in guiding and encouraging us to help ourselves in the best possible way. They listen to all requests, whether material or spiritual, for yourself or for the planet. They assist us to view things from a higher perspective. Angels only await our direction and will never ignore a cry for help.

Whenever you feel afraid or vulnerable ask the angels to surround you and they will come instantly. Angels make their presence felt in many different ways, you don’t have to be a clairvoyant to sense or talk to them, whenever you call upon the Angels you experience a feeling of deep calm and inner peace as they come near you. After asking an Angel for help you may see physical signs that they have heard you such as a rainbow suddenly appearing in the sky, or a feather materialising or falling out of nowhere. Some even see sparks of light which indicate the presence of Angels. There are many signs such as hearing a word or a suggestion being repeated time and time again throughout the day. Angels can arrange meetings and synchronicities in order to give us the opportunities we may have previously missed in life.

Angels connect with our soul reminding us of the beauty that surrounds us in this world and continually fill our heart with positive thoughts and beliefs, they help to inspire us and to help us see past any illusion that masks the truth in any matter. They can banish our fear and worries and replace them with serenity and peace. All you have to do is ask for help and then have faith that all will be taken care of, as simple as that. Giving away all your cares and worries to the Angels will allow you to live your life more fully and when you gently ease into this divine direction you will notice how much better your life will flow.

There are many people in the world who feel lonely but once you start connecting with Angels this empty feeling will be cease to exist.

Many people ask whether Angels are male of female and in fact they are androgynous which means that their masculine and feminine aspects are in perfect balance. This characteristic of perfect balance is often depicted in all drawings and paintings of Angels throughout time. There are many kinds of Angels who help us on all levels, there is nothing too big or too small they can help us with, they have many duties and many roles. Some angels devote themselves purely to love, to universal peace or healing and so we can ask the Angels to send healing not only to people but to animals as well, it will speed their recovery and they will take as much healing light as we can give to heal the earth.

We all have a Guardian Angel who is with us from birth and through every incarnation. Our Guardian Angel loves us unconditionally no matter how good or bad we live our lives and you can talk to him as you would your best friend because he knows everything about you, he knows your soul. He will come as close to you as you will allow him. Guardian Angels are often called upon in times of crisis and their presence is instantly felt. Once this divine presence is experienced people then realise they are truly not alone in the world.